1) In-game mail delivery

In the character name field in the order form, specify the nickname of the recipient who will receive the game currency with a letter.

Important: delivery for different projects takes different time from instant delivery to 1 hour of real time.

2) Delivery in person

To deliver currency in the current way, you must arrive at the designated time at the agreed place. After arrival, we transfer the currency (goods - upon sale of which you will receive the amount of the paid currency) through the exchange window at a personal meeting.

Most often, delivery takes place in the Capitals of the races or in trading hubs. More details below.

3) Delivery through auction

In the lots field, indicate the goods that you put up for sale through auction. The auction in most cases takes a commission for the sale. This method is safer than transferring through a personal meeting or mail.

Important: If you order through an auction, the amount of your order will be 5-15% less, depending on the commission.

Important: Buyer auction fee

To speed up delivery, contact and check the status of the order with the operator.

Important: with some delivery options, delays are possible.

In order to prevent fraud, when transferring game values ​​(gold, items, accounts) a video or a screenshot is recorded.

Game currency, game items and game accounts are non-refundable